Self Portrait, 2017

About The Artist:

Interdisciplinary Artist, Tsasia Mercado, first fell in love with art as a young child growing up in Jersey City, NJ. Thanks to encouraging parents and teachers, she learned various mediums, techniques and art forms; her current favorite of which being portrait drawing. Tsasia graduated from Ohio University in 2014 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Human Relations and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.


Driven by my fascination with human development, I use various mediums to explore the concept of intergenerational trauma, transmission and the female form in my works. My art documents my journey of self-discovery as a woman of color, an artist and an advocate. By using imagery of human anatomy, specifically female genitalia and reproductive organs, my artwork emphasizes the strength and beauty found within us all. I want the viewer to see the very same shapes and forms found throughout nature in themselves to bring home the idea that we are all interconnected in more ways than we can imagine.